cherish and cali marie

Two Hot Porn Twins waiting for action.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

about us

Well we've been in the porn business for a while now we are also known as double trouble ... hehe we are 20 years old and faternal twins born under the sign of gemini which is also the sign of the twins. freaky, right?
We have many fans who like to write us and we always respond ourselfs. We are real and we never take anything for granted, we work hard no matter what.
we argue alot, of course that is what sisters do! we love each other but never let one or the other know it. we tend to hate each other at times. I cali marie is the innocent nice twin, to where cherish is the devilish mean twin. LOL we do all our films together and duh. of course we always make box cover. We do know there are more twins out there but their work is hard to find. we

would love to meet them sometime as well, im sure my fiancee would as well...LOL we just follow our dreams and dont let anyone stand in our way we may sometimes live in a fantasy world... but doesn't anyone at one point or another live in a fantasy world, to get out of the real world?
well hope to hear from our fans
you can email us at: